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Born to Be Bad 2:
Trash Cinema Conference and Film Festival

May 9 -11, 2003

University of California, Berkeley



Keynote speaker: †† Mikita Brottman

Maryland Institute College of Art

Author of Offensive Films: Toward an Anthropology of Cinema Vomitif (Greenwood, 1997), Meat is Murder! : An Illustrated Guide to Cannibal Culture (Creation, 2001), and editor of Car Crash Culture (Palgrave Macmillan, 2002)


Conference and Film Festival Schedule:
Conference at The Geballe Room, 220 Stephens Hall, on the UC Berkeley Campus
Films at the
Pacific Film Archive (2575 Bancroft Ave. On campus facing Bancroft at Bowditch St.)

Friday, May 9, 2003
Films at The Pacific Film Archive
7:30 pm†††††† I Walked with a Zombie (1943) Jacques Tourneur
Introduced by Mikita Brottman
9:30 pm†††††† Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan (1972) Yuen Chor
Introduced by Patrick Macias

Saturday, May 10, 2003
The Geballe Room, 220 Stephens Hall
8:30 am†††††††† Coffee and Pastries
9:00 am†††††††† Opening Remarks
Tamao Nakahara
(University of California at Berkeley)

9:30-11:00 am†††††††† Panel I: Horror Films
Shuli Chen
(University of Washington, Seattle)
"The Art of Jiangshi Film: Hong Kong Vampire Movies"

Adilifu Nama (California State University, Northridge)
"Colored Mutants, Scary Negroes and Black Boogeymen?: Deconstructing and Subverting Race in Horror Cinema"

Richard Burt (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
"Shockspeare: Unkind Cuts, Scare(y) Quotes, and Uncanny Media Specters in Horror Film and Television"

11:00 am-1:00 pm†† Panel II: Social Anxieties and Race
Ian Hunter
(De Montfort University, UK)
"Deep Inside Queen Kong: Anatomy of an Extremely Bad Film"

Manuel Yang (University of Toledo) "Godzilla, Ultraman, Oe Kenzaburo, and the Post-Apocalyptic Nuclear Imaginary of the Postwar Japanese Monster Movies"
Amy Abugo Ongiri (University of California, Riverside)
"Jethro, Mama, Sassie Sue and the Midnight Plowboy: Hillbillies, 'Common Sense,' and Blaxploitation Film"

Savas Arslan (Ohio State University)
"Turkish Trash: Popular Film in Turkey, 1960-1980"

1:00-1:30 pm††††††††††† Lunch Reception

1:30-3:00 pm††††††††††† Panel III: Auteurs and Aesthetics
Steven Jay Schneider
(New York University and Harvard University)
"A Tasteless Art: John Waters and the Pursuit of 'Pure' Gross-Out"

David Sterritt (Long Island University and Columbia University)
"Noť Stands Alone: Sex, Death, and Destiny in Irreversible"

Anna Powell (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)
"Devil's Advocate: Satanic Evangelism in the Films of Kenneth Anger"

3:00-5:00 pm††††††††††† KEYNOTE ADDRESS
Mikita Brottman
(Maryland Institute College of Art)
"Why I Hate Gwyneth Paltrow:
The Failure of Contemporary Cinema, from Hollywood to the Avant-Garde"

Talk will be preceded by clips and followed by Q&A

Films at the Pacific Film Archive

7:30 pm†††††††† Raw Force (1982) Edward D. Murphy
9:20 pm†††††††† The Pigkeeper's Daughter (1972) Bethel G. Buckalew
Introduced by Amy Abugo Ongiri.


Sunday, May 11, 2003
Conference at 220 Stephens Hall

9:00 am†††††††† Coffee and Pastries
9:30-11:00 am†††††††† Panel IV: Euro-Trash
Ernest Mathijs
(University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK)
"'Nobody is innocent': S. as Trash, Art or Cultural Representation"

Jennifer Fay (Michigan State University)
"Coming of Age in Postwar Germany, Or, the Schoolgirl Reports and Guilty Pleasures of History"

Gius Gargiulo (University of Paris X-Nanterre, France)
"Boccaccio on the Beach: Trashy Italian Beach Movies from the Sixties and Seventies"

11:00 am-1:00 pm†† Panel V: Trash Film Industries
Tamao Nakahara
(University of California, Berkeley)
"Make it Quick!: Historicizing Italian Trash"

Kevin J. Heffernan (Southern Methodist University)
"Michael Powell's Peeping Tom: A Film Maudit Reconsidered"

Donald Hedrick (Kansas State University)
"The Unbearable Shallowness of Trailers: Niche Marketing Shallow Hal"

1:00-1:30 pm††††††††††† Lunch

1:30-3:30 pm††††††††††† Trash Collection and Culture
Exploitation Posters: Jacques Boyreau

(Author of Trash: The Graphic Genius of Xploitation Movie Posters, and Director of the Werepad, San Francisco)
Archivist's Panel: Candace Joy Lewis and Doron Galili (University of California, Los Angeles)
"Trash Picking: Preserving The Sin of Nora Moran and Rocky Horror"

Trash TV: Shirley Tatum (True crime television writer, Court TV and Discovery Channel)
"Writing the Detectives: Transforming True Crime into Popular Culture"

Car Crash Culture: Mikita Brottman and David Sterritt.
Annalee Newitz

3:30 pm: Closing Remarks

Films at the Pacific Film Archive
5:00 pm†††††††† Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965) Norman Taurog
Introduced by Tamao Nakahara

The conference is free and open to the public. For movie tickets, call the
PFA box office at 510-642-5249. For more information and special access needs, please call 510-541-1895 in advance. "Born to Be Bad" is organized by the Graduate Film Working Group (a Townsend Center Working Group and an ASUC-sponsored Student Group). The event was made possible with the generous contributions by the Graduate Assembly, The Townsend Center, the Chancellor's Student Activities Fund, the Film Studies Program, the Consortium for the Arts, and the Italian Studies Dept., and with the cooperation from Steve Seid and the Pacific Film Archive.


Contact Information:

Tamao Nakahara

Department of Italian Studies

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phone: 510-541-1895

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